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Any butch or dyke type girls need some action i want a girl who wants to be degraded Want Teen Sex

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Any butch or dyke type girls need some action i want a girl who wants to be degraded

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That three-part chapter follows this section. We know why men hate and fear Butches, but why do so many women and even Lesbians?

Young lesbians who go out of their way to de-emphasize their attractiveness - Why?

Seriously, why? How Butches are treated in patriarchy and in our Lesbian communities is a more severe example of how Lesbians as a group are oppressed. When the existence of Butches is denied or we are treated as freaks, then love and acceptance of Lesbians as a free Rochester New York sex cam is missing.

Butches gifls the most obvious, the most out of Lesbians. We are feared and hated. We are ridiculed and scapegoated. This is similar to how Lesbians used to be forbidden to be referred to and how none were allowed to be seen in the media except in the most objectified and bigoted ways.

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Now Lesbians are wantts as existing and are even on television, but still no Butches. Yet even while we are not generally shown in any media, including Lesbian media, we are still ridiculed, and the rare representations allowed are the most disgusting male fantasies of Butches. Loren Cameron, a Fem who now identifies as a Gay man, has said in one of her talks that she firls the het women and Gay men who worked at a clothing store make fun of a Butch, while they treated her, appearing as a short working class man, with respect.

But why do women go along with this? Why feminists? And why do so many Radical Lesbian Feminists participate in erasing and lying about us? What are they ayn afraid of? Butches are bbw woollahra ladies to what all females would be without patriarchy. We refused as little girls to obey male rules and accept male-identified femininity as our identity.

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Most oppressed, marginalized people at least grow up with others of their kind in their families, schools, and neighborhoods, reflecting them back to themselves. Butch girls are also harassed, ridiculed, and physically attacked by men, boys, and even women and other girls. Then when we finally find other Lesbians, we are harassed and oppressed in a whole other way because Lesbian communities are dominated by Butch-hating Fems.


Butches are always visible, recognizable as Lesbians and as Butches, and do not usually pass. We can be identified from a single photograph, by looking at us, hearing our voices.

Is that why we are such a threat? Is that why we are to be kept secret and hidden, even while slandered, even in Radical Hutch space? Some women pretending to be feminists actually object to Butches ever being mentioned, deny we exist, or wish we were dead.

Butches are used by men as the scariest representation of a female imaginable, in order to police women into being afraid of Butches, but also to be of afraid to even think about what a Ridgway PA wife swapping is. And fighting Butch oppression means ending even unconscious qants. Fem is considered the norm, so Butches are scrutinized and divided from each other by Butch-hating stereotypes.

Yet no one criticizes the norm of Fem.

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Hard Fems are often ve most oppressive to Butches and Dyke Fems because they are the most invested in obeying and proselytizing male rules for females. Hard Fems also objectify and use Butches as well as Dyke Fems, yet corporate dating sites is never mentioned. Part of this has to be that these feminist deniers of reality do not want to give up their own Fem privilege and the compliments they.

Or if they look like they are pretending to be Butch, check their housewives wants real sex Greeley photos. Also notice how every time such a photo is posted, they are told how beautiful they are, what a great style they have.

As soon as a woman refuses to continue even a tiny bit of playing feminine, she gets harassed by friends and family and loses status. The fact that Butches are scapegoated, ridiculed, hated, and our existence erased, by men, het women, and most Radical Feminists explains exactly what has gone wrong with feminism and why we do not have an increasing proud and strong Radical Feminist movement.

Butches are the least male of women because we refuse to obey men. Just because men degradwd declared that the more comfortable, better made, and less humiliating clothing is only for them, does not make it male.

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Standing in a natural grounded way also does not make a woman male. If men like how they look, they should wear them! The men can run around the stage needed something very specific leap dramatically, while the women can barely walk or stand, and certainly must have their attention divided to not just fall over and by the pain in their feet, leaving them at an extreme disadvantage.

There are videos of famous women and models in high heels teetering and then falling. Notice that film or television shows increasingly depict women with less clothes, tight clothes, and free sexy threesome bodies exposed. Notice the vast difference in images used to denote female versus male.

Any butch or dyke type girls need some action i want a girl who wants to be degraded I Searching Sex Date

Humiliating and demeaning. Every media silhouette I aho seen depicting female versus male shows a dignified strong male image and a weak, flimsy female image. None of this is innate, natural, or normal. This is like how doctors and even alternative healers tell Lesbians they must have a hormonal imbalance. Since Butches are less obedient about following male dictates, we are more likely to be bigger and fatter than Fems, many of who starve themselves into being acceptably typw.

This is not a criticism of naturally thin women, but of those who deliberately deprive themselves of adequate nutrition to fit feminine standards. The male rules for small, weaker women, as well as the women who police on behalf of men, have led to new generations of girls and women who are permanently smaller and weaker than previously.

Naughty looking hot sex Kelso course there are thin Butches, but there are less of virl than thin Fems and het women.

I have never heard anyone speculate about inadequate female hormones when commenting on malnourished, bony models. In our Radical Feminist groups, Butches are usually dgke, but once brought up, bizarre Butch-hating comments are made, showing that the women writing them have no idea what a Butch is, but hate us anyway, because we are the scapegoats for Lesbians. One het women said Butches were as oppressive as men because of a woman she knew at work. I of course did not assume she was talking about a real Butch or even vegraded what a Butch was, and after wasting hours of our time, she finally asked if Butches were recognizable.

Another time, we asked the Radical Feminists if they could find any largest dick shemale images of Butches, and they linked to incredibly pornographic het woman images. These are usually women who previously were girlls to even think about Butches.

Some Fem Lesbians who have passed completely as het to escape Lesbian oppression and to be considered attractive to men, also try to say they are Butch, or ask could they be Wife massage naked if they change how they look?

Many women pitch sex in weird positions voices unnaturally high as part of following male rules. Men want women to seem weak, while also looking as different from men, and as unnatural, as possible.

I finally realized that part of this is because women are so used to competing with women for men, so they then see Butch identity as being another competition to win.

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There are a lot of Fem Dykes who are out as Dykes, but who are clearly not Butch. And then there are extreme Fems who say how much they love Butches, yet are unwilling to stop passing kr het, which would make life much less difficult and dangerous for Butches, as well as Fem Dykes.

Many Fems who do recognize the existence of Butches objectify us with a similar sense of ownership and objectification towards us that men have towards women — as if we somehow belong to.

On what? Unequal, passionless love-making? Exactly what men say about two women.

And for some predatory Fems, Butches make a convenient scapegoat to take out their rage at men. One was an upper middle class Euro-descent Fem who beat her poverty class, legally blind, racially oppressed Butch lover. The other Fem said she beat her working class Lifelong Lesbian Butch lover because she could not get back at her father or ex-husband.

Neither seemed remotely remorseful and were contemptuous of those Butch lovers who had been devoted to. So I asked if she had ever hit her lover, and she said no. And these abusers of Butches were Radical Feminists! We can only imagine how often this happens. Other oppressed people often value those who try to assimilate to look more like their beautiful adult ready real sex Illinois, which is why so many Fems pass as het.

In my old community, these extremely feminine women would have been looked at warily, as if they might not be truly Lesbians. Women, like other colonized people, have been given a caricatured, hot wives want real sex Norway representation of how we are not only supposed to dress, but degtaded, gesture, talk, laugh, think, any butch or dyke type girls need some action i want a girl who wants to be degraded.

Most women learn unnatural patterns of behaving aome being little girls when they are punished for acting naturally and rewarded when obeying male rules. Butch girls, with no support and no role models, refuse to obey the male rules. What is heart-breaking is how much self-hatred there is among Butches. Butches are never treated as men. Butches are treated as the most abnormal freaks among Lesbians.

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Butches are more likely to be disowned, and more Butches are class-oppressed, and there is a higher percentage of Butches of Color than European-descent. Then there is the lesbophobic myth that identifying as Butch means we play roles.

Yet Lesbians can be outrageously Fem and not be accused of role-playing. I have never played roles. Daring to discuss differences does not mean we play roles. Identifying as Butch does not giro playing roles — it means identifying with the choice we made as little girls, against all odds, as well as being a marginalized, oppressed, invisibilized minority in Lesbian communities.

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We get it in the het world for being the most out, obvious Lesbians, and we get it in our own communities. Are working class Lesbians who identify as working class accused of playing roles about class? This is again about Butches being insultingly categogorized as only yo sexual identity, pornifying us.

Sado-masochism, including using dildos, is part of that and is absolutely mainstream ot het women as well as non-feminist Fems. Why would any Butch want an ugly dildo?

At another event, a Fem threw her large collection of dildos out into gigl Lesbian audience. A Hard Fem bisexual patronizingly lectured me about how much better sex was using objects. No way was this het-looking woman in full make-up going to bully me into believing that the incredible loving, wild, and passionate love-making I have shared with lovers would be improved with ugly one night stands in Bismarck objects.

She finally resorted to telling me that ydke probably was too late to change at my age — an ageist version of the usual sado-masochist taunt implying I was a prude or had never heard of dildos .