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Thankfully, Brooks's most recent ex, Erin Reesespoke with the National Enquirer to shed some light on the situation The year-old model -- who worked with Forwster on a wedding-themed photo shootjust like Des, ouch! I dated him for nearly two years, and about 18 months ago we called it brooks forester dating.

The source elaborates, "Brooks loved Erin very. Brooks broke up with her and never looked.

It's mind-boggling then to understand why he brooks forester dating launch himself into a reality TV show competition for love, in which he wittingly agreed to stand by as Des kissed and snuggled with 24 other men. A source close to Brooks brooks forester dating that he "knew what he was signing up for with The Bachelorette. But at the same time, when he saw Desiree kissing other guys week after week, it was disgusting to.

More from The Stir: We may want to make Brooks out to be the villain for various reasons, but it's really hard to, especially knowing this bit about his last breakup. He probably was convinced he was ready brooks forester dating find love.

It can happen to the best of us. It could be several months, even a year or more, post-breakup, and just as you're about to start a new relationship, you realize you're not ready. Brooks forester dating you're having trouble trusting and committing.

Obviously, those broks emotional issues anyone serious about having a long-term relationship would want to work through But it seems like Brooks just wasn't there yet -- for Des or possibly for. Even more reason I can't blame him for walking away. Does this make you more or less brooks forester dating to Brooks?

Have you ever tried to make a new relationship work too soon after a split? Image via ABC.

Maressa Brown August 14, at 5: