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Facebook find a friend by location

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Helping friends meet up offline has been a massive missed opportunity for Facebook.

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Only of my 1, friends in San Francisco have it turned on. The redesigned map homescreen of Facebook Nearby Friends.

But last year, Snapchat launched a different take on the idea based on its biggest acquisition ever, French app Zenly. It was as much about fun and content as it was about actually hanging out with people in person.

Now Facebook is testing a significant redesign of Nearby Friends that looks a lot more like Snap Map. It replaces the list view of the neighborhoods and cities friends are in with a map that groups friends together by city.

People have complete control over whether to use Nearby Friends or not.

Irish sunbather can turn it on in the Nearby Friends bookmark. The reason this matters is that Facebook is desperate for engagement, especially amongst younger users who are slipping away from it to Snapchat and Instagram.

If revamped with this map and other improvements, Nearby Friends could become a more popular utility that keeps people opening Facebook. Getting more people to share their real-time location could open new opportunities for local ad targeting.

The existing design of Facebook Nearby Friends. They could be on date, having a business meeting or trying to get some work. Ideally, Facebook would combine Nearby Friends and Your Emoji to help users share both approximately where they are and whether they want to hang.

And then, Facebook could further copy Snap Map by making public Stories and other location-based content accessible from the map so you could browse it for fun instead of the News Feed or Stories tray. Still, making Nearby Friends work could require Facebook to rethink the privacy element.

The friend graph has bloated to include family, co-workers, bosses and distant acquaintances with whom users might not want to share their real-time location. Finding a better way to let you share where you are with just your closest friends could make more people comfortable with the feature.

Facebook needs to rethink its entire product stack to embrace the high-definition cameras, big phone screens and fast network connections that make it easier to convey information through imagery than text.

Visual communication is the future, and that goes far beyond Stories.