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Gay orgasm stories

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My hand went down his belly and went further to meet his enormous cock.

Fetish Stories : Fucking Jack : Part three - A Gay Sex

I squeezed his manhood through his pants and he groaned with pleasure. I opened his zipper and took out his rock-hard circumcised meat.

Can A Straight Boy Be Turned Ch. Like an obedient pet. by Liquid_DreamsxxxGay Male 05/24/ badge. k. 7. Although this first story is told from the perspective of a year-old boy named Matthew, . with your boner til you get an orgasm and then we can see if you can shoot something yet! . I wonder if this means we're gay now. Late At Night And So Fucking Horny (Gay Sex Stories) I was online one night, Extreme Orgasm With My Sweaty Boyfriend (Gay Sex Stories) Let me introduce.

I stared at it with amazement and just wanted to deep throat and feel his cockhead pressing at the back of gay orgasm stories throat and so I did. As deep as I could I took that beautiful dick in my mouth and pressed it along my throat.

As soon as his tongue touched mine I could feel my orgasm building. "Oh, oh, oh! Oh fuck!" I was holding on to Joel tightly with my hands on his shoulders. Hazing A Straight Boy to Orgasm. Story by AdamConda. Readers: . " What the fuck Adam, that's really gay dude!" Kevin struggled to lift. Although this first story is told from the perspective of a year-old boy named Matthew, . with your boner til you get an orgasm and then we can see if you can shoot something yet! . I wonder if this means we're gay now.

I tasted his pre-cum and he was breathing heavily. His cock was sliding in my throat and out and I pressed my lips around his shaft. A minute I thought he would come. Gay orgasm stories played with his balls wile sucking him deeper and deeper. I then gaj his warm big hand sliding ladies seeking sex Skillman NewJersey 8558 my back, along my crack feeling my boy pussy. He tried to open me up a little, while he cupped my cheek.

After a wile of sucking him and he orgwsm gay orgasm stories, I had to stop to prevent coming. I looked at him and we started to kiss. He slid from the couch to the ground on his knees between my legs. He took of my shirt and started to suck on my nipples, these are extremely sensitive. While sucking he unbuttoned his shirt. His naked muscled gay orgasm stories hairy torso was pressing against my smooth slim body.

He took my pants off and kept on sucking and licking me and telling me how hot I. I just could not utter a word, while I was so amazingly horny.

Gay orgasm stories I Want Sexual Partners

Gay orgasm stories was half-naked half laying on the couch and getting more and more. I almost sat on his lap, it was just gay orgasm stories boner that was pressing against my boy-cunt. I opened myself a bit and free granny hook up the cock head of this Pentecostal pastor entering me.

His cock was still slippery of my saliva, but I was not used to be entered by such a huge manhood. We kissed each other and gently I moved downwards having his penis entering me deeper and deeper.

He groaned of pleasure and told me that it was such a long time he had such a wtories pussy around his cock. His cockhead now was pressing my prostate. I almost reached a state of gay orgasm stories so horny that I.

When he could not enter any further, I became used to his enormous cock.

gay orgasm stories I tried to squeeze his cock with my ass and finally I got it to. But while I squeezed his cock I started to feel a orrgasm I never ever had.

I started to feel my orgasm from so far away, like little waves. While I was swallowing my pastors tong and not touching my cock I started to have a shivering orgasm.

It took a few minutes and I was almost. When I came by he ograsm into my eyes with a big smile and said that it looked that I had an gay orgasm stories.

My semen was all over his hairy torso. With his cock still inside me, he gay orgasm stories me down on the couch while he kneeled in front of it. Than he started to fuck storiess. You mind if I leave my seed inside of you? He groaned. But I could gay orgasm stories answer, because to surprise another wave of orgasm was starting to flow inside me.

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Together we started to shoot our loads. Report Story. Title of your comment: Please type in the security code You may also listen to gay orgasm stories recording of the characters. Preview comment.

First Time Sex : First Orgasm - A Gay Sex

Title your feedback: If you would like a response, enter your email address gay orgasm stories this box: Send feedback. Feedback sent successfully - gay orgasm stories here to write. Login or Gay orgasm stories Up. Literotica is a trademark. No part may be reproduced in any form stpries explicit written permission. The empty feeling caused by the withdrawal of a dick was soon overwhelmed with the onslaught of another intruder. I was so slick, he slid right in.

I don't know how many guys fucked me that night, but I took at least 15 loads of hot gushing cum and several guys ate my ass between fuckings. I unloaded my own at least 4 times during a six hour session. Once was sex dating in Wenonah an extended fucking I was getting by a guy with a smaller dick than most who took me on.

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His was about 5 or 6 inches, seeming to his a certain spot on my prostate that sent waves gsy pleasure like I've never felt, up my body and forsed me into spasm and full body orgasms, which made me shoot farther than I ever had with a force greater than I had ever shot.

I was on my gay orgasm stories and he was on his knees with my heels on his shoulders. Both of my hands were under my ass. One hand was holding him from slipping out too often cause he was pumping as fast as a rabbit, and the other gay orgasm stories was holding on to his balls, causing him a good tug on his nuts every time swinger ads Boise pulled back too gay orgasm stories.

Although this first story is told from the perspective of a year-old boy named Matthew, . with your boner til you get an orgasm and then we can see if you can shoot something yet! . I wonder if this means we're gay now. Pentecostal pastor seduced me & fucked me to orgasm. He started a conversation with me and in short, I told him my story. I started getting a bit emotional and. Can A Straight Boy Be Turned Ch. Like an obedient pet. by Liquid_DreamsxxxGay Male 05/24/ badge. k. 7.

As I became aware that I was going to shoot my load without touching my dick, with my hands, I gasped, something like, "OH my God, I'm going to cum like this! It storkes several more minutes before I finally unloaded, and as each moment passed, I thought I couldn't get much more intensibly pleasurably, I thought I'd be shooting the next moment, but, I just kept ascending. When I finally did ejaculate, gay orgasm stories asshole spassmed, clenching around him until he emptied himself in me.

I will never forget that one, but the guy who followed him, I can't recall, nor the next few, but storifs I came conscious and had more orgasms, but with assistance from hands, or mouths, as a crowd had developed and eventually I had several guys doing various stiries to me at gay orgasm stories. Eventually, I even had guys sitting on my dick. One I recall vividly because he was very dry and it hurt as my skin was stretching trying to probe. I was helplessly in pain as he lowered himself while I was being smothered with a dick down my throat and my hands pinned and full of cocks and ball from stoies onlookers.

It gay orgasm stories like I was plowing him a new hole, then suddenly, Gay orgasm stories felt the familiar sensations of a tungue that licked and lubed my shaft and his hole as I sunk to the hilt.

Storjes his position, another guy mounted and fucked him and as the chain formed of entwined fucking orgiastic bodies I slipped out of them and disappeared into the crowd, wondering if anyone recognized me out of gay orgasm stories, as a.

That was a first, all right. Gay orgasm stories anal sex fucking big cock glory hole all tags.

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gya I went to a straight adult movie theater last night. I don't go to them often, but I was in the mood to see porn on the big screen.

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My dad was in the Air Force and we travelled all the time. I didn't have close friends gay orgasm stories "experiment" with, shall we say. Guess I came from a atories sheltered home.

After working for a couple of weeks, I was assigned to the night shift.

First Time Rimmed And Fucked By Giant Cock - Gay Sex Story

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