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Playing hookie from work

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Actually, it feels a little better. Responsible employees never play hooky from work.

Well, surveys from CareerBuilder suggest. Playing hookie from work and their surveys found that one third of workers played hooky. But before you start faking that cough for your boss, keep in mind that 18 percent of employers fired employees for faking an illness.

The truth of the matter is taking an impromptu personal day can be good for business, and many employers already know. The ONE Thing that bosses want most is a productive, profitable business.

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The hooiie that play hooky every once in a while are actually supporting that initiative. Kids if you have any are in school most of the day, the spouse if you have one is at work or running errands.

Having a little time to yourself is just as important as playing hookie from work a vacation with the family.

In our data driven age our minds are on overdrive constantly processing information and making decisions. Anytime others are involved we have more things to consider with each decision, and we often have to compromise on what we really want. This is fantastic for your own personal well being as playing hookie from work as your job performance.

Paying of research has found that when people think playing hookie from work strategies alone they came up with more ideas compared to brainstorming in a group. Alone time can even help improve your concentration. Most importantly you can focus on.

Me time gives you the opportunity to truly evaluate how happy you are in your life. It allows you the time and attention needed to dig deep into what is fulfilling you and what is falling short.

Playing hooky can go disastrously wrong, which is why we are offering a few helpful tips on how to do playing hookie from work right. Remember, playing hooky is about staying at the top of your game, not slacking off.

Enough said. Discover how to form your first power habit with the Day Challenge Calendar.

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