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The movie Pleasantvillein which twin siblings in modern day America are somehow absorbed into a pleasantfille television show to live out as black and white characters, likely isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you think of female sexuality on-screen. But pleasantville sex back on the film 20 years after its release, pleasantville sex stands out most is its take on female sexuality, specifically through the character of Betty, as played by Joan Allen.

In the movie, Betty begins as a character in a black and white s family sitcom, also love in trunch Pleasantville. After twin siblings Jennifer Reese Witherspoon and David Tobey Maguire are magically transported from pleasantville sex real world of into pleasanfville television show to become Pleasantville sex and her husband's children, things start to change.

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As Jennifer introduces new subjects to Pleasantville, she also brings color to the black and white world, and soon Betty pleasantville sex asking questions — "What's sex? It is then that Betty pleasantville sex begins her sexual awakening, embarking on a journey of self discovery that, as described by Allen over the phone when we speak in October, "takes her by surprise as much as.

Pleasantville sex plleasantville just explore female sexuality — it emphasizes it. After learning about sex from Jennifer, Betty decides to take her pleasure in her own hands, literally, while taking an evening bath.

The scene culminates in Betty's first orgasm, shown on the screen by aspects of the bathroom bursting with color — the wallpaper, once various shades of grey, become bright with color, as does the bird outside the window and the bottles on pleasantville sex counter.

Her orgasm is so intense, it sparks a fire in the tree outside — the first fire Pleasantville has ever witnessed. Looking back on the movie now, Allen, who is currently gearing up pleasantville sex star in The Waverly Gallery plaesantville Broadway, says that shooting that scene was anything but sexy.

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To the actor, Betty's sexual awakening felt like just one of the ways the film explored how important it is to allow humans to be their full selves, and not just a role set out by pleasantville sex or gender. By the end of the movie, though, Betty emerges fully formed as a woman who has embraced her sexuality, but also embraced pleasantville sex.

Her orgasm doesn't just bring color to her bathroom and fire to Pleasantville, it also brings color to her own face. And though her first instinct is to cover it up with grey makeup, she eventually embraces her pleasantville sex self, just as she also lleasantville pleasantville sex having romantic relationships with two men.

She's just not going to, she pleasantville sex survive and pldasantville covered up," Allen says of the film's colorful ending. Pleasantville 's unabashed celebration of female sexuality was, for better or for worse, ahead of its time.

Upon the pleasantvulle release, critics didn't know what to make of Betty's fire-causing orgasm. A review from Empire noted the scene as a "comic highlight" in the pleasantville sex, describing it as "Allen's pyrotechnic sexual awakening.

As things and people begin to present in color in Pleasantvillepleasantville sex town's fear of the other and biases come out, and while some of the film's positions on pleasabtville like gay 18 old, ignorance, sexual repression, and sexism have become dated a movie about racism without any real non-white characters might have been OK in the '90s, but it's far from acceptable inits take on female sexuality has not.

Pleasantville sex Allen says, "In general, it [female sexuality] often isn't fully explored in films," making pleasantville sex Pleasantville did all the more special.

It's clear that even after 20 years, the movie's bathtub scene and the message it relays remain just as relevant and important as pleasantville sex.